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GPS Receiver

If you are going to use autosteer at cm precision you should think about a rtk gps receiver.

This is a line up in gps starting with low precision.

+- Ready to use L1 System

RTK System that needs less ore more config and work



  • Swift Piksi €1-2000€
  • Reach RS2 1700€
  • ComNavTech K501G | >1000 $
  • Tersus GNSS BX305/BX306/BX316 1000-1800 $
  • North Surveying RTKITE | 2200$
  • trimble bd982 € 1500 (china)
  • ublox zed f9p - 200-600 €Ardusimple

Example for building a GPS Receiver

I did it as suggested by spunky here: ordering list page 35, picture page 37

Hardware Used:

  • Antenna: TW2710 magnetic, 5m cable, connector fits with GPS module (digikey, 90,-$)
  • UBlox M8T ( product 205, 75,-$)
  • HC-06 or 05 Bluetooth transceiver module (4 PIN, 5,-€)
  • Battery 3,7V 800mAh (ebay 9,-€)
  • Charger module for battery (ebay 7,-€)
  • USB to TTL 232 UART PL2303HX module (ebay 2,-€) for programming Bluetooth module
  • Cabels …

Setup: To program the BT module, connect it with the USB UART module (cross RX and TX!). You may have to install a driver for the USB UART PL2303HX (web). You can use a terminal program such as Termite to program the BT module: AT=BAUD8 means serial speed 115200 Baud. The module should respond in Termite. With the command “AT” it normally doesn't respond. ATTENTION: if baud rate is changed, it needs to be changed in the settings of Termite too, otherwise you won’t see the module any more. AT=NAMESETGPS module changes the Bluetooth name to “GPS module”. The GPS module is connected via USB and configured using U-Center (

At the GPS module you solder either 4 cables, or better a 4 pin 1.27mm connector to GND / Vcc / RX / TX. This GPS module runs at 3.3 to … V so the 3.7V battery is fine. The charger module is in between the GPS, the Bluetooth module and the battery. Between the Battery and the charger I put a 500mA fuse. You connect the charger to USB and the devices are powered and the battery charges. For communication BT and GPS are connected via RX/TX (crossed). The UART (RX/TX) is normaly activated in the UBlox, you don’t have to do anything, the sentences it sends also fits to AgOpenGPS. If you need RTK the module may process it, but I don’t know how, I don’t use RTK at the moment.

Prices are only an estimation. They also have very different functions included.

Example configuration for UBlox NEO M8T

Configer the UBlox with the U-Center programm for windows. You get it on the UBlox homepage The pictures show UCenter version 8.29. UCenter works with a USB and also with a Bluetooth connection, shown above.

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