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 **AgOpenGPS** **AgOpenGPS**
 +AgOpenGPS is an open source windows program that can be used in cab for autosteer, guidance, section control, and many other features that are typically found in expensive name brand precision agriculture companies. The difference is there are even more forward thinking features built in to this program and yet more in development. And these are built by farmers for farmers!
 +This program was first written by Brian Tischler who made it available to all who are interested in learning more about coding and electronics and how they can benefit farmers all over the world. ​
 +We don't want anyone to get hurt or sued so below you'll find a disclaimer. If you choose to install this stuff on your Ag. Equipment, do so at your own risk.
 *** Important *** *** Important ***
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 Download software from [[https://​​farmerbriantee/​AgOpenGPS|https://​​farmerbriantee/​AgOpenGPS]] Download software from [[https://​​farmerbriantee/​AgOpenGPS|https://​​farmerbriantee/​AgOpenGPS]]
-There are some repos: 
-agopengps: is an old stable version+AgOpenGPS: is the stable version
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