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Wheel Angle Sensor

is required by AGOpenGPS, you need something like:


you can find such sensors in every car for height controll of lights or for suspension. most of them have 3-6 connectors.

or something like a linear potentiometer running at 5 v.

knuckles Installation:

Most of these Sensor have connectors like this:

  • 1: +
  • 2: -
  • 4: Signal

Princess auto headlight level sensor (2012 Camaro) pin out:

  • With tab up
  • 1: +5V in
  • 2: signal out (low V at rest)
  • 3: -GND

connect it like in the jpg to 5V, GND, and AO

open options/usb ports and select com port of arduino and press connect.

click and open steer wizard

if you have a value in raw data - feel lucky

follow instructions on that screen.

Using a 16 bit ADC to read the Wheel Angle Sensor

There are some Advantages to read the Wheel Angle Sensor with a 16-bit Analog-Digital-Converter (ADC) like the ADS1115, instead of the 10bit one, inside most of the Arduinos.

ADS1115 external connected via I2C

- More Counts per degree allows more precise Steering.

- The Ability of the ADS1115 to read the Signal in a Differential Mode allows you to read Factory Installed Sensors, which are connected to the Traktor, in a Ground floating Way, this prevents you to get some Faults of the Traktor. Differential means the ADS just measures the difference between two wires, not between Arduino Ground and a wire.

- Also with AOG-dedicated Wheel Angle Sensors you will get a clear signal, because the elektric interferences at the Wires could be eliminated

Schematics and Code at (the Hires version)

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