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Wheel Angle Sensor

is required by AGOpenGPS, you need something like:


you can find such sensors in every car for height controll of lights or for suspension. most of them have 3-6 connectors.

or something like a linear potentiometer running at 5 v.

knuckles Installation:

Most of these Sensor have connectors like this:

  • 1: +
  • 2: -
  • 4: Signal

Delphi ER10031 Pinout (Looking from the top of the unit, connector facing the rear)

  • Left Pin: +5V supply
  • Middle Pin: Signal
  • Right Pin: Ground

Princess auto headlight level sensor (2012 Camaro) pin out:

  • With tab up
  • 1: +5V in
  • 2: signal out (low V at rest)
  • 3: -GND

connect it like in the jpg to 5V, GND, and AO

Using a 16 bit ADC to read the Wheel Angle Sensor

There are some Advantages to read the Wheel Angle Sensor with a 16-bit Analog-Digital-Converter (ADC) like the ADS1115, instead of the 10bit one, inside most of the Arduinos.

ADS1115 external connected via I2C

- More Counts per degree allows more precise Steering.

- The Ability of the ADS1115 to read the Signal in a Differential Mode allows you to read Factory Installed Sensors, which are connected to the Tractor, in a Ground floating Way, this prevents setting fault codes in the tractor software. Differential means the ADS just measures the difference between two wires, not between Arduino Ground and a wire.

- Also with AOG-dedicated Wheel Angle Sensors you will get a clear signal, because the electric interferences at the wires could be eliminated. The ADC must be placed as close to wheel angle sensor as possible though to keep the analog sense wire as short as possible.

Schematics and Code at (the Hires version)

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