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Steering Motor

24 Volt Steering Motor using an IBT-Driver:

You will need:

A motor controller IBT_2 (if the Link fails search for “BTS7960 Module”)

A motor with ~300rpm like


And a 12 to 24 volt convertor:

For a foam wheel to fit this motor go to ( purchase

  • Part 545632.

It is a clamping hub with a 12 mm bore standard_clamping_hubs_group_600px.jpg

  • Part 250TMD

It is a 2.5“ foam wheel 250tmd_foam_wheels.jpg

  • Part 545456

It is a hub adapter 545456_hub_adaptor_b.jpg

The screws required for the hub and adapter are size 6-32 by 7/8” and size 6-32 by 3/8“

Another option is you can use 1/10 rc car foam or rubber wheel

To create an adapter to go from 12 mm hub to 12mm hex purchase a sprocket at the same time when purchasing the phidgets motor. Weld a 12 mm head from a bolt onto the sprocket and then drill the center and tap it. You can then bolt the wheel to the adapter

This is the fully configured version of autosteer with IMU and inclinometer: Autosteer_Full Config:

This is the bare minimum to achieve autosteer:

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